Student Cafeteria

Thursday, February 27, 2003

This month Willa Cline has been writing about memories in her online journal. In her entry Remembrance she writes that "There are a handful of world events that stick in my mind; not only do I remember them, but I remember the circumstances under which I heard about them. I was in the fifth grade when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The principal came over the public address system and made an announcement. I was standing in the back of the classroom in front of a bookshelf, looking at the books preparatory to picking one out to read. I can still feel myself standing there, my back to the loudspeaker, standing stock still and listening." In her entry entitled Memories she begins with "There are two stories that I "remember" about myself as a child. I put "remember" into quotation marks because I don't know if I actually remember them independently, or if I remember being told the stories and have constructed my own memories from them. I suspect the latter."

Write about two stories you remember, two events that indelibly etched into your memory.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

More about Weblogging and blogging. These entries provide you with plenty of good reasons to make writing a daily practice.